This Cheap Couple Shared Their Vicious Tipping Strategy And The Internet Let Them Have It

It's basically a lesson in how to have someone spit in your food.

Sure, everybody's got their own preferences about how much to tip. Some people opt for a standard 15% across the board, others will use a sliding scale of 10% - 20% depending on their perception of the quality of the service they received. Unless you're Steve Buscemi's charcter in Reservoir Dogs, most people have some kind of reasonable practice when it comes to supporting the people bringing them their food.

Then there are people like this.

This image, which we came to us by way of "Black Aziz Ansari" (@freeyourmindkid on Twitter), which he seems to have gotten from a Facebook friend named Tyler Ann-Marie, shows one couple's strategy for tipping.


The philosophy is that by offering up the maximum tip in advance, the server will know exactly what they have to lose based on the quality of their service. This, in theory, offers the server stakes and provides an opportunity to let them know when their service has fallen below an acceptable standard.

That's about as gently as I can put it.

When people saw this picture, they started to lose their minds. It has been shared over 30,000 times on Facebook alone from its original source and the debate is raging.

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