Car Dealership Catches Panhandler In A Scam And Calls Him Out To The World

You might consider a career change after this one.

In general, we try to see the best in people, and I'd like to think that we help out when we can. But sometimes people come along and just ruin it for everybody.

In Brighton, Michigan, a Honda dealership went out of their way to try to help out a homeless man who often panhandled at their corner. Going beyond a simple (but generous) offer of money, they tried to propose a more long-term arrangement - they offered him a full-time job working $10/hour.

The man turned down their offer.

Now I know they say that beggars can't be choosers but there are plenty of reasons why someone might turn down the opportunity. We don't know the guy's whole story so it wouldn't be fair to judge without hearing his side of things. Maybe he had another opportunity coming up, maybe he was worried that he wasn't qualified for that line of work and humility made him turn it down.


The man's reason for turning down a $10/hour job is that it would mean a pay cut from panhandling. In fact, he was so sure of it that he allegedly told them that he made more money than anyone else in the dealership.

Since this was a guy who had been hanging around their neighborhood for nearly two years, the dealership was more than comfortable taking matters into their own hands. They took one of their cars, parked it by the man's usual spot, and had a sign made up to discourage people from donating.


In case it's hard to make out, the sign reads:

Please Do Not give anything to this Panhandler.
We offered him a full-time job at $10.00/HR
He said:
"I make more than any of you"
and he did not want the job.
please donate to more worthy cause

By some accounts, the man was known to locals for working alongside two other panhandlers who would drive into the affluent area before pounding the pavement for the day. They have been described as rude, including yelling at people who don't want to donate, and refusing offers of food.


While many people have praised the dealership on social media for how they handled the situation, the sign is no longer posted, because the man has yet to return to his favorite spot.

This story comes fresh off the tails of a viral video showing two men confront a woman who was seen climbing into the driver's seat of a nearly new car after a day of panhandling.

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"Do you think people stand out here because they're homeless!?"

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