Captain America: Civil War Bloopers Are Too Hilarious

Blooper reels are one way to a fan's heart and this set of Captain America: Civil War goofs is no different.

Captain America: Civil War is an intense look at the Avengers team that leaves them divided – with Captain America himself pitted against the tenacious Iron Man in a battle over the governing laws of superheroes. Captain America believes superheroes should be left alone to defend their country, while Ironman sides with the government oversight.

With a box office gross of $1.152 billion, Captain America: Civil War wowed fans across the world. Now, in a less serious manner, we see the team behind the scenes. Making jokes, forgetting their lines, and just being all-around goofy, the cast lightens up and has some fun.

It's always interesting to see behind the scenes and even more fun when it's bloopers. What was the funniest part of the reel to you?

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