Call Of Duty Player Tricks Girl With Military Fetish Into Sending Nudes

More like Call of Boobie, am I right?

It's almost every gamer guy's unspoken fantasy that some way, somehow, his skills on the controller or keyboard will somehow make him insatiably attractive to women. There's a story going around the internet right now that seems to suggest it's possible for that fantasy to come true.

The images below were allegedly shared to reddit along with the following text (although, to be honest) I haven't been able to find the original post).

Things with this girl had been back and forth but she had a boyfriend, whom I also knew, at the time. They broke up after he cheated on her again. I played the friend roll for awhile but i could tell she liked me. She was always flirting on text. She liked all of my Instagram pictures when I posted them. So after the breakup I was there for her. We talked for days and then finally I got her to send me some pictures. I feel like she thinks I lied to her and now has not messaged me in days. I think I might have really blew my chance with her because of what I told her. I decided to share this on Reddit since I obviously did something wrong. Should I try calling her again?

So what did the guy possibly do to get ghosted like this? Let's take a look.

Dude Comedy

Clearly this girl is throwing up warning flags that the guy had better not be a f**kboi but there's also no doubt she's into him.

Dude Comedy

So the dude decides to take his shot.

Dude Comedy

Naturally, and not unexpectedly, she's not ready to give up nudes quite yet. Until he drops a bomb that really shouldn't have gone anywhere.

Dude Comedy

But somehow it worked! See the messages he got back on the next page.

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