Another Sultry Week Of Tinder For You [16 Pics]

Tinder, you're on fire!

Well, here we are again, another week and another sultry roundup of hilarious and possibly real Tinder profiles for you to laugh at. The more I look at these, the more I see some real potential for Tinder to expand their app into different avenues. Tinder could easily become the best food delivery app out there with a few tweaks. Who knows, the delivery guy could help you live some of those role playing fantasies you have stored in your brain.

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1. Proceed with caution


Lift chicks aren't as scary as they might look at the gym. But if her biceps are a lot bigger than yours, you might be in for one heck of a night.

2. This should be a show of sorts


You know, like how they had the show To Catch A Predator, but it would be called To Catch A Cheater. They have a show based off of Shazam, so a show based on Tinder cheater baiting isn't too far off.

3. The best $20 you'll ever spend


$20 to get your uncle off your back about what you do with your time is a good deal.

4. A good way to end a conversation


This is not where they thought the conversation was going to go. All they wanted was a fling, instead, they got this.

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