Amusing Internet Pic Dump Of 15+ Images To Satisfy Your Daily Cravings

Hey, wanna see some stuff?

We throw together one of these random picture galleries damned near every day. On deck today we've got a high-risk excavation, a fetish too crazy even for Japan, and the kind of newspaper headline editors can only dream about.

1. A tale as old as time


Beauty and the beat (cop).

2. You know you're in a rough part of town when...

reddit / reddit

If they've got the detergent and the cheese on lockdown, you might want to check your wallet.

3. Unfortunately tag placement for the win loss


That is something you should get out of the way before continuing the conversation with someone.

4. Digging on the side of a mountain


I have no idea if this is how it's supposed to be done or if this is an OSHA nightmare.

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