The 9 Best and Weirdest X-Men Cosplay

Cosplay is serious business, but if humor is your superpower we have something for you too!

Whether you do it because you love the characters, or just to have a little bit of fun, cosplay is a great way to show your creative side. These cosplayers make dressing like your favorite X-Men character look easy.

1. Magneto

Mikle Muraki on Deviant Art

This Magneto cosplay by Mikle Muraki is really amazing. It's all about that piercing stare that just wants to annihilate your soul. Well done!

2. Wolverine

It really doesn't matter if you are as ripped as Hugh Jackman or not, you can still be Wolverine. You just need a little imagination and simply have fun with it. This guy is totally amazing, even if he does look a little bit like Beedrill.

3. Mystique

LexiStrife on Deviant Art

LexiStrife bears it all in this stunning Mystique cosplay. You must really be very comfortable with your body to pull off something like that.

4. Cyclops

This guy looks as good as James Marsden in this amazing Cyclops cosplay. We really love that motorcycle suit. Dressing up as Cyclops will give you an opportunity to wear one even when you don't ride a motorcycle.

5. Storm

This man is the best Storm we've seen in a long time. Plus, he clearly has some amazing superpowers that allow him not to feel cold in the snow. This picture is a testitestament to that.

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