8 Things That Will Change The Way You Think About Home Alone

This Christmas classic has more under the surface than you may have realized.

For a certain generation, Home Alone is the definitive Christmas movie. The story of a young boy defending house and home against robbers after being accidentally left at home over Christmas is a staple of so many people's holiday viewing schedule that it's difficult to believe that there can still be new ways to look at it but we're going to give it a try.

1. Kevin's mom did all that traveling for nothing

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Kate McCallister (Catherine O'Hara), better known as "Kevin's mom" is a woman ridden with guilt as she makes the journey home from Paris after discovering that she's left her son behind. With no direct flight from Paris to Chicago for two days, she is able to book a flight to Scranton, Pennsylvania before making her way to Winnetka, and then Chicago. Along the way, she spends thousands of dollars and gives up her jewelry to make it all happen only to have the rest of her family show up just moments after she got there herself. Knowing this fact doesn't change her fierce mamabear desire to protect her son but it does add an extra layer of tragedy the next time you watch the movie.

2. The answer to that meme you keep seeing

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It's never mentioned in the movie but apparently the novelization of the movie states that Peter McCallister (John Heard) is a "successful businessman" while Kate works in fashion (which would explain the mannequins Kevin uses in his traps).

3. Old Man Marley has terrible self-awareness

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Legend has it that Old Man Marley murdered his whole family back in 1958 with a snow shovel. Step 1 in improving your reputation is to stop dead-eyeing children as you drag a shovel behind yourself before demanding service at a store by slamming your bleeding hand down on the counter. Listen man, I get that you're lonely and that you're sad about your family but try to get a little perspective and maybe people will feel comfortable talking to you again.

4. The police situation is appalling

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It's no wonder that Kate felt like she had no choice but to get back to Chicago herself. She knows full well what kind of service the Chicago PD provide. When the call is made to report that Kevin is still at home, the police eventually send out an officer to investigate. His thorough analysis of the situation is to tap on the door a few times before giving up and suggesting that the McCallisters count their kids again. Sure, let's just write off child endangerment as a clerical error on the parents' side.

This isn't the first time the McCallisters show disdain for the Chicago police. When Harry (Joe Pesci) dressed up as a cop to case the McCallister house, hardly anyone bats an eye. By this point, the family knows that nothing good can come from anyone from this police force, so they just ignore him as they get on with the flurry of their day.

Even Kevin has accepted this grim reality. He waits until very close to the end to call the police himself and even then felt compelled to disguise his voice, pretending to be a neighbor, so that he would be taken seriously on the call. It may seem odd but Kevin's decision is eerily prescient of the second sequel, Home Alone 3 where Alex (Alex D. Linz) tries (twice) to get the police to help him but they ignore him, thinking he's just some kid messing around.

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