8 People Who Have Had It With Bad Parking Jobs

Their strongly-worded letter game is on point.

You're pulling into the parking lot for a day of shopping at the mall. After a decent few hours of draining your wallet, you come back to find some idiot's parked their car an inch from yours, while also taking up two spots at the same time. Here are eight people who decided enough was enough, and made their voice heard in the only way possible: passive-aggressive notes.

1. This parking attendant has zero chill

Real-talk though, universities need better parking.

2. This creative take on the Carly Rae classic.

It's hard to park right, 'cause you're laaaaazy.

3. Stop loafing around in my parking spot!

I'd like to make a toast to this note maker's amazing method of street crustice justice. It will forever be ingrained in my memory.

4. These handy cards that are perfect for any bad parking occasion!

Frankly, it'd be impressive if someone could actually achieve "all of the above".

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