8 Incredible Witcher 3 Cosplayers

We have found the most amazing Witcher 3 character lookalikes. This is the best-looking cosplay squad ever.

The best cosplayers out there can be almost indistinguishable from the original characters. This seems to be especially true for fans of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Not only have they nailed the look of the characters but they also have uncannily similar features to the game characters. Prepare yourself, these are some true The Witcher 3 doppelgangers. Check out their amazing costumes.

1. Geralt by Maul Cosplay

This guy is very well known for his "tough man" cosplays. Head to his Facebook page and check out his Khal Drogo costume too. His portrayal of Geralt in the Bear Armour set that's found in Skellige is truly magnificent. He looks like an appropriate candidate to handle two swords.

2. Ciri by love-squad

This girl nailed the Ciri costume so well she looks like something straight from the game. She got second place in the CD Projekt Red's competition for the best Witcher 3 cosplay. She really looks like she could be of Elder blood.

3. Yennefer by Maria Hanna Cosplay

It's unbelievable how much this cosplayer looks like Yennefer from Vengerberg. I mean, everyone can put on a costume, but this woman truly has the features for the part. We bet Geralt would fall in love immediately.

How to Cosplay Like a Pro

These days cosplay is so good it could easily be the real thing. Here are some examples of people doing it right and what we can learn from them.

4. Triss by VirdaSeitr

This magnificent cosplayer resembles Triss Marigold in more ways than one. Virda won third place in the CD Projekt Red's costume contest. This woman really knows how to play with fire.

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