7 Ways Spider-Man: Homecoming OWNED Its Predecessors

Spider-Man is back!

Spider-Man: Homecoming has smashed box offices, raking in $633.8 million USD and counting. This triumphant return to the big screen and to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has very quickly cemented itself in the hearts of fans. As this is the second time that Spider-Man has been rebooted, lets have a look at why this new and improved Spider-Man rocks so much!

1. Spider-Man is officially back in the MCU… for now

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Sony had a stranglehold on Spider-Man for years while Marvel Studios built their own cinematic universe, causing tons of agonized fans to ask louder and louder why Spider-Man couldn't be allowed to join in on the epic movie saga. Of course, it was common knowledge that Marvel had sold the movie rights to Sony, but it was becoming increasingly frustrating to movie-goers that one of Marvel’s most popular heroes was still nowhere to be found.

Finally, producer Amy Pascal, at the time the head of Sony Pictures, struck a deal with Marvel to finally allow the web-head to return to where he belonged. The deal more or less states that Sony pays for the movie and gets all the box office money, while in return Marvel studios took over all the creative aspects of the film, including selecting cast and the director. They also get all the sweet, sweet merchandizing money so, with a hit like Homecoming, they’re not going home empty handed. Spider-Man is currently slated to appear in the MCU for five movies, including Homecoming and its sequel.

2. We finally get to see Spider-Man in a costume a REAL teenage boy would make

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In Captain America: Civil War, we were introduced to the Spider-Man we all know and love, web slinging, quips and all. In Homecoming however, while Pete starts out with the hyper-advanced, tailor-made suit that Tony Stark himself personally designed, he eventually must make do with his original costume. We get a glimpse of it at the beginning of the film, but it’s only towards the end that we actually see Peter do his thing in his original get-up. It does not disappoint.

Finally, we don’t have to find ourselves wondering how a fifteen year old boy suddenly became a master costume designer - it mostly consists of sweatpants, a hoodie, and a red balaclava. On top of that, we get to see his true skills in action. Instead of having a JARVIS-esque A.I. to help him out while he does what he does, Spider-Man must rely on his own un-augmented skills to save the day.

3. Michael Keaton is a terrifying supervillain

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Never in any of the Spider-Man movies have I gotten shivers of terror like when Michael Keaton threatened Peter Parker before dropping him off to prom. Keep in mind, this is a series of movies with Willem Defoe as the Green Goblin, and we all know what talent he is. Keaton owns the role of the Vulture, who in the comics was mostly a minor villain. Instead of coming off as campy and ridiculous, Keaton terrifies the mighty Spider-Man and audiences alike and forces us all to remember right then and there that Peter is really just a kid facing off against a ruthless adult. He doesn’t need to make any elaborate promises. All he does if give a very simple warning: “I’ll kill you, and everyone you love.” Brrrr.

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