7 Terrifying Horror Movies To Watch Out For In 2017

These are the movies that will be scaring the pants off of you next year.

Thunder Road Incorporated

As the Best of 2016 lists start piling in, take a look at our list of what 2017 has to offer.

1. The Dark Tapes

This one is fun, found footage mayhem in the vein of the 2012 film V/H/S. It is hard to sell a film on bizarre imagery alone, especially on a micro-indie budget. However, the promotional material they have released so far seems to be pushing the idea to the extreme. Check out the Dark Tapes Twitter and Facebook page for more teasers.

2. The Bye Bye Man

STX Entertainment

This looks like an interesting take on the Grim Reaper mythology. The trailer reminds me of a Final Destination reboot: pretty faces, attempting to flee death. This has a smell of 90’s nostalgia burnt in. I'm excited! The Bye Bye Man comes to theatres January 13th, 2017.

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