7 Celebrities Who Are Huge Nerds

Some hide their power level better than others.

While it would be impossible to have movies like The Avengers without actors willing to portray the characters, there are some celebrities whose fandom runs especially deep. While some are more overt in their fanaticism than others, here are 7 famous folks that do nerd-dom proud.

1. Stephen Colbert knows everything there is to know about Lord of the Rings.

Source: Todd Eyre - Warner Bros

On his Comedy Central show The Colbert Report, Colbert would often flex his Tolkien knowledge on guests. He's also probably the only human on Earth who is fluent in elvish. His love for The Lord of the Rings culminated in a brief cameo in The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. He's also a big Dungeons & Dragons fan, though being a late night TV host probably gets in the way of playing.

2. Jamie Lee Curtis is a cosplay queen

Source: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

She turned some heads at the Warcraft movie premiere but a closer look at Jamie's history shows she's been a nerd for far longer. Her past getups include the pink Power Ranger and Vega/Balrog from Street Fighter.

3. Vin Diesel has been playing Dungeons & Dragons for over 20 years.

Source: Nerdist

Definitely not the image that comes to mind when one thinks "D&D player". He started playing during the game's second edition, and his character was a witch hunter named Melkor. In fact, the story of his film The Last Witch Hunter was partially based on this character! For a full half hour of Vin Diesel nerding out, check out D&Diesel.

4. Ronda Rousey can't get enough of Pokemon.

One of the most famous female UFC fighters in history, Ronda has no shame in her love for collectible monsters. She trained in a Pikachu costume for a promotional video and has stuck with the series through every generation. She claims that her favourite Pokemon is #151, Mew.

5. Nicholas Cage has an impressive comic collection.

When he's not stealing the Declaration of Independence or being covered in bees, Nic Cage is an avid comic book collector. Especially fond of Superman, he bought a copy of Action Comics #1 for $2.1 million at an auction - the highest a comic book has ever sold for. Finally, Nic himself nearly portrayed the Man of Steel in Superman Lives, before production was cancelled.

6. Jane Lynch cosplays her Wreck-It Ralph character

Source: reddit

Call it narcissistic, call it self-indulgent - we'll call it badass. After Wreck-It Ralph crushed it at the box office, Lynch decided to take her character Sergeant Calhoun for a spin at Comic-con in 2013. The sequel can't come soon enough.

7. Robin Williams loved The Legend of Zelda, and was immortalized in World of Warcraft

The late, great actor was such a huge fan of Zelda that he named his daughter after the titular princess. He also starred in several commercials for the franchise. Williams was a regular World of Warcraft player on the Mannoroth server. After his untimely death, Blizzard created a genie NPC named Robin so players can pay him a visit when they need some inspiration.

While it's only a matter of time before all celebrities come over to our side, tell us if we missed someone!

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