6 Highlights from Day 1 of New York Comic-Con 2016

With three more days to go, the New York Comic-Con has already given us plenty to talk about.

Original photo: Richie S from New York Comic Con 2014

New York Comic-Con has kicked off, and day one of four has already wrapped up. In case you couldn't get a ticket or make the trip to the Big Apple, here are six of the biggest stories from the first twenty-four hours!

1. H Jon Benjamin did some kung fu at the Archer panel.

Now we know where Archer gets his moves from.

2. We got a logo announcement for the Punisher Netflix series


Not here to argue, but we're not sure how a skull resembles a "u".

3. War for the Planet of the Apes teaser

In addition to a cryptic message from Caesar, we get to see exactly how much cocaine the title writers were on.

4. Old Man Xavier poster for Logan.

Probably the only way we'll see Patrick Stewart looking old since he's part of the society of immortal Hollywood actors.

5. We got a teaser trailer for the John Wick 2…teaser trailer.

This is just a clip of the upcoming teaser which will be shown in its entirety on Friday. It's trailerception.

6. There's a new line of Star Wars: Rogue One toys!

Some will be 3.75-inch models, the kind you usually see in your average toy store. However, the Black Series will be high-quality 6-inch models.

That about wraps up day one! Expect more recaps as the convention keeps going over the weekend, here at PoMoFo!

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