5 Actresses We Want To See Play Squirrel Girl

Whomever takes on the role, we're sure will be marvellous.

Recently rumors have begun to fly that Marvel and ABC Studios are partnering up to develop a new comedy series, New Warriors, based on Marvel's team of young adult and teenage superheroes.

Squirrel Girl

The team that is often dubbed the "new Avengers" or the "junior Avengers" has one confirmed hero that we're excited to see hit the screen — Squirrel Girl. It hasn't been decided who will play the comical hero but there are some actresses we would love to see in the role.

1. Anna Kendrick

The obvious first choice is Anna Kendrick. Earlier this year in an interview with Net-A-Porter, Kendrick was asked what hero role she would want to take on if given the chance. To which she replied, "Squirrel Girl." Since then, Edgar Wright has even taken to Twitter to express his desire for her to be cast in the role. We already know she's hilarious, so we think she'd be the perfect pick to rock the roll.

2. Millie Bobby Brown


Breakout star Millie Bobby Brown seems to be everywhere these days. After playing the fan-favorite Eleven on Netflix's original hit series Stranger Things, Millie is on everyone's radar. She may be a bit young for the role, but after her stellar performance as Eleven, we're sure she can handle it. She's adorable, loveable, and she already has the hair style! What more could we ask for?

3. Emma Watson


If anyone can take on a force of evil it's Emma Watson. Battling Voldemort is no easy task so this actress knows how to fight! Watson is known for publicly defining herself as a feminist and playing Squirrel Girl would allow her to bring her awesome attitude and strong will to the role. Squirrel Girl single-handedly defeated Iron Man's nemesis and we're sure Emma Watson would be up to the task.

4. Emily Browning

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The Australian actress has already proven she is not to be messed with in films like Sucker Punch and The Host, making her a perfect candidate for Squirrel Girl. She has the look, she has the moves, and now she just needs the role. If our first three picks don't make the cut, we hope to see Browning take on the role and kill some bad guys.

5. Shannon Purser


Another breakout star from Stranger Things that deserves a nod is Shannon Purser. Like Browning, she already rocks the short hair style and she has one tenacious attitude to go with it. Although she has been cast in the upcoming Archie series, Riverdale, we think she'd make a great addition to the New Warriors crew. She may not have won her fight against the Demogorgon, but she surely learned some moves on her way out.

With so many young and talented actresses in the scene these days it is hard to narrow down just one who would be a perfect fit for the role. Who do you think would kill the Squirrel Girl role and who else do you hope to see as a part of the New Warriors?

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