32 Women Reveal The Weirdest Thing That Turns Them On

Different strokes for different folks.

We certainly have some preconceived ideas of what it is that turns a woman on. Having Channing Tatum deliver chocolate to your door topless, for instance, is going to ring the bell for a lot of women. But life's more complicated than that. Different women are going to be turned on by different things.

Curious about the "mysteries" of women, someone going by the name carlosd141 posted an AskReddit, inviting women to share the weirdest things that turned them on. And boy did the answers get interesting. Anybody looking to madly scribble notes to improve their seduction techniques was probably left more confused than they began.

1. Some of the answers made some degree of sense


After all, with heavy breathing, that's at least got some kind of connection to sex, right?

2. Some spoke of a desire to give up control


3. Some answers just wanted guys to be more expressive during the act


4. But others revealed some less conventional (and more inconvenient) triggers for arousal


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