30 Costumes That Definitely AREN'T Violating Trademarks

I'm sure these are all above board.

By the time Halloween season rolls around, costume companies need to be ready to go with outfits inspired by the biggest and latest events in pop culture. In doing so, they have to make a choice between paying out for the licensing to make the official costume of that character or brand, or they can mock up something that looks close enough and slap a stupid name on it.

That's what this article is all about, the dumb names of costumes that are clearly skirting around trademarks even though we all know what's really going on.

Out of respect for Yandy.com, where we found all of these costumes, we've included links to the products in the captions.

1. He's not Beast, he's "The Brute"


I'd like to imagine that their fairy tale is called "Attractiveness and The Brute."

2. She's not Zelda, she's just an "Elf Princess"


For starters, that's just a lazy name. Second of all, the nerd in me is freaking out since Zelda isn't an elf at all.

3. You must have me mistaken for Bugs Bunny, my name is Rascally Rabbit


Known for her popular catchphrase, "What's going on, medical professional?"

4. "Scandalous Mrs. Tux Bunny"


She's fresh off the pages of Playman magazine, which was founded by Stu Heckner.

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