24 Shocking Words Instagram Doesn't Want You Using

Good luck trying to get a #date on Instagram.

Last year, The Data Pack rolled out their update of no-no hashtags on Instagram.

There are two different ways that Instagram can control a hashtag. For some, they'll outright ban the hashtag, making it impossible to search for it in the first place. That's the category the most obvious tags fall into, like #porn, #xxx, and #boobies. Instagram just doesn't want to play in the playground of pornography or troublesome material, so they ban these tags.

But there's another kind of soft ban that also happens with hashtags. In what seems to be an automated process, Instagram looks for trends in images that are reported for being inappropriate. If a hashtag ends up in too many flagged photos, the tag becomes unsearchable. You can still use the tag but no one can find your photo because of it.

According to Instagram's policies:

We may remove the Most Recent section of a hashtag page if people are using the hashtag to post abusive content in a highly visible place. If that's the case, you'll only see Top Posts on a hashtag page for a limited period of time.

So the blocks are supposed to be temporary, but we've gone through the list (updated a year and a half ago) to see which ones are still soft-banned.

So if you're looking to get Instagram famous, maybe don't bother using these hashtags.

Every one of the following hashtags is still unsearchable. And, in each case, we'll tell you how many images use that tag and will show an example from the Top Posts that use them.

1. #adulting - 1,371,041 posts


I have literally no idea about this one. A few of the Top Posts show some revealing selfies, but for the most part it's genuinely people celebrating milestones to adulthood.

2. #alone - 14,324,153 posts


3. #americangirl - 2,058,732 posts


Considering the fact that about half of the images in the Top Posts of this hashtag include partial nudity (and oddly enough one Russian video of a woman deepthroating a banana), it's no wonder that people have pushed the boundaries of this hashtag.

4. #armparty - 1,130,829 posts


If you've never heard of an "arm party," you aren't alone. I had to look it up myself. But an arm party is literally what you see above, it's what you call it when you wear a bunch of bracelets at the same time.

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