24 Hilarious Pictures To Waste Your Time With

You'll bust a nut... I mean gut.

Welcome to another edition of PoMoFo's assorted gallery of awesomeness. I've spent the morning scouring the internet for the funniest and freshest images to entertain you. I did the hard work. Now all you have to do is scroll and click.

1. We didn't really need the details

eBaum's World

Remember kids, the only thing worse than a personal circumcision is an impersonal one. Make sure they know you care.

2. I don't think that's the message you're wanting to send

eBaum's World

Then again, we're always complaining about there being no honesty in advertising these days. Maybe these folks are just being straight with us.

3. No girlfriend of mine is going out like that

Twitter via reddit

Unless she's planning on paying the electric bill and replacing the contents of the fridge as soon as she gets back.

4. When does a flag become a red flag?

eBaum's World

I don't know when she crossed the line exactly but I imagine that this family gets calls from her teachers a lot to discuss her troubling behavior.

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