24 Girls With A Bad Case Of Jealousy

They need to get something off their chests.

Jealousy. Envy. The big green monster. Call it what you will, we all get struck with it whenever we see someone who has what we don't. These girls are doing that in spades.

1. A full-on pout


Not even a handful can make her feel better.

2. The look on her face says "Get a load of these!"


It's a supportive kind of envy that doesn't want to take anything away from her friend.

3. Maybe she won't notice me staring


With that figure and that top, I'm sure getting stared at is like water off a duck's back for this woman.

4. They need a whole team to figure it out


Maybe they're figuring out what kind of super strong material is keeping those straps from popping off.

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