24 Assorted Bits Of Internet Hilarity To Finish Off Your Week

You made it. Now here's your treat.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to another edition our our daily dose of random awesomeness from around the internet. We've done all the hard work of putting together the best of the web today so now it's your job to sit back and enjoy.

1. The truest graph I've ever seen

eBaum's World

It's not even just "a crunchy food." It's straight up chips. They're the cornerstone of my food pyramid.

2. I thought Kylie Jenner's new tattoo looked familiar

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Great. After seeing this, I'm going to go home and squint at my eggs a bunch trying to recapture the magic.

3. Genius isn't always appreciated in its lifetime

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Oh sure, Pop-Tarts will try all sorts of crazy things but you send them one bit of unsolicited awesome advice and suddenly, you're the bad guy.

4. This falcon doesn't think much of your drone

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Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure there was an episode of White Rabbit Project that talked about how some people are training falcons to murk nuisance drones. Sometimes Mother Nature already has all the tools you need.

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