23 Viral Pictures That Are The Freshest Of The Fresh

The world is nuts.

Looking for all the best that the Internet has to offer today? Don't fear. We've got your back. This amazing pic dump will satisfy all your cravings for the new, the viral, and the funny.

1. The game of PR is on


What is happening to companies like United Airlines lately? I have a controversial idea – does anyone else think that maybe fulfilling all the quotas instead of hiring people that are the best for the job has something to do with the bad decisions companies are making? Also, shouldn't this poor man have been given free airline flights for life through United Airlines yet? Easy PR move.

2. The prop used for closeups in the Lord of the Rings movies


One giant heavy necklace to rule them all! Would this sell as a product you think?

3. This was not a wise move


If you're going to rob someone's food at work then at least do it like a pro. Otherwise, you're just pathetic.

4. I wish other airlines decided to benefit on the whole United Airlines scandal


Nothing sets you apart from others better than making fun of competition. Although, Southwest's real slogan is "We have a heart." If they really do have a heart then maybe they don't beat up their passengers for no good reason? Safe flights – what an idea.

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