23 Viral Images To Make The Most Of Your Day

What's not to love?

Who doesn't like a nice daily pic dump right at their fingertips? The answer is no one. And if there is someone then, oh boy, aren't they out to lunch. Anyway, since you came here you must know that the ever-changing Internet landscape needs your attention. So check out our collection of awesome images and make sure that you let us know on Facebook which ones are your favorite!

1. How does she have time for anything else?


She might have a daytime job, but clearly, rap is life.

2. I think they misunderstand the word "fun"


If you play video games and you get up before the seven-hour mark, then you aren't really playing.

3. Student writing an apology letter to another student


Although this is pretty funny, at the moment, I'm totally immersed in Thirteen Reasons Why and I don't find any school kid's behavior particularly amusing. I hated kids in school myself and even though I don't particularly wanna be old, I also think that it's way better to be over 50 than a teenager.

4. The wrong Woody...


I love how he still signed it. An autograph from a famous person is an autograph from a famous person no matter what. Now, the real question is if Woody Harrelson ever starred in any of Woody Allen's movies? Note, this is possibly a fake given that this doesn't look like Woody's real signature.

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