23 Funny Pictures That Will Improve Your Day

The newest pic dump is here!

On a day like today, we all need a nice comforting pic dump with just enough bite to it and some cool variety. If you like to be entertained and wanna learn a random thing or two, then be my guest and enjoy!

1. The reason why the code needs to be changed sometimes


In case you're wondering what all these strange people were doing in your apartment block after hours.

2. They shouldn't be that difficult to find


You think they would just search all the brothels.

3. When a relationship goes wrong and you ask a stranger for help


Honestly, thank god for Grubhub, Seamless or JustEat and similar apps, where would we be without them? How would we order food?

4. When you can't decide what you love more Harry Potter or Witcher 3


Who said that you have to choose? Video games, movies, fantasy, we love it all. Just make sure you have your potions and you will be at home in any of these fantastic universes.

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