21 Funny Images To Make You Ha Ha Ha

The funniest, nerdiest, and most cult-worthy images from around the internet this week.

Like time and space, the internet is one of those things that is just too hard to understand or comprehend in its vastness. There are so many awesome things to come across on the internet and I am afraid you may miss some of the best. So here is a list of awesome things I saw online this week that I thought you needed to see too. You're welcome, am I right?

1. This wild Magikarp that someone spotted in the wild.

It's wild! And to think, you only need 399 more of these to get yourself a Gyarados. Have fun explaining THAT to your parents.

2. This spectacular Mr. Meeseeks pumpkin


Asking a Mr. Meeseeks to stay alive that long is pretty scary! Perfect for Halloween, I suppose.

3. This badass girl and her bionic arm


Losing a limb is never easy but when you get to be the coolest kid at school it's not the worst thing in the world!

4. The obliviousness of these guards


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