20 Of The Weirdest Things Ever Seen In Thrift Stores

Insert your own tired Macklemore joke here.

They say that one person's trash is another person's treasure. Thrift stores give us a chance to rifle through other's unwanted items and find out if that's really true. If these thrift stores finds are anything to go by, it's probably not.

1. This probably used to be considered sweet


And now it's just making the clown reputation that much worse. Where did we go wrong, people that we can't see a picture of a clown kissing a little girl's nose without thinking it's creepy.

2. This pizza stone... with a pizza still attached


That's some weak quality control. That being said, having worked in a thrift store, I can tell you that your smell tolerance goes way up pretty quickly.

3. This handy audiobook


You could buy it at a thrift store OR you could pick it up on Amazon for just $0.34.

4. This bike helmet


Part crocodile, part llama, all badass.

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5. This child-sized shirt


And that's how we ended up with a generation of Arya Starks. On adults, this Threadless shirt was kinda funny. On kids, not so much.

6. When your grandma needs to powder her nose


I realize that there's a "back in the day" history to cocaine but damned if this doesn't look bizarre now.

7. The original Crocs


Whoever designed these shoes needs to 'dile it a down a little.

8. You don't see that every day


I'm pretty sure this is the end result of the bad timeline from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

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9. When the reindeer started slacking, Santa decided to do it himself


The best products start with puns and go nowhere else.

10. How about another creepy clown painting?


Once, this was the thing somebody was most proud of painting.

11. Compared to other electric corn cobs?


And it can be yours for the same price as 5 can openers. Seriously, though, I don't know why this exists.

12. This unique painting


Because who doesn't need a painting of a busty, green-nosed chimp in formal attire.

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13. This... whatever it is


Describing it sounds like you're setting up for a joke. What's made of wax, has teeth, and poor eyesight?

14. This lamp


Apparently the price on it was $195. Worth every penny, if you ask me.

15. You know how you've always wanted to make a phone call with your computer mouse?


Now you can! Also, is that a Facebook button near the bottom?

16. A lawn gnomie


Like homie. Get it? I'll see myself out.

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17. This is why we needs the arts


Someone made this and probably used it for a t-shirt for their punk album.

18. I have never needed a shirt more than I need this one


What kind of music do you think cats in polos would play?

19. Today I learned tongue scrapers are a thing


My brain cannot process how genuine this product is. It's not packaged in Korean, so I feel like it's a joke but for whom?

20. All around me are familiar...


And, assuming you're using today's exchange rate, that 390 Baht turd can be yours for about $11 USD. It's a steal at half the price.

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