20 Of The Strangest Things Ever Seen In Bathrooms

This is why people wait until they get home.

17. This classy painted bathroom ceiling


That angel on the right is swole AF.

18. I... but, why?


I've never understood the reasoning behind putting erotic stuff in a men's room. Nor do I understand the appeal of ghost women hovering above me while I take a wee. Chances are I'm not watching where I'm going and I'm gonna see some splashback.

19. That's one heck of a clog


Coming soon: a compilation of fail videos watching people trying to use it.

20. I found Kevin!


Wait a second, I thought Kevin was a girl.

Well, it's been a fun ride compiling these pictures for you. Trust me when I say I've seen some stuff that you should be glad I spared you. If you enjoyed this article, consider Sharing it with your friends and Liking us with the button below to see more like this.

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