20 Crazy Images You Won't Believe Are Real

Wait, what?

Listen, I'm no statistician, so I won't be able to tell you the chances of something crazy happening. Coincidences are all around us, but yeah, sometimes weird stuff does happen. The following 20 images are celebrations of times that things that almost seem impossible came to pass.

1. Zip code, t-shirt, marathon number, and race time all the same


I genuinely wonder how much control he had over the situation. Wearing a t-shirt with your postal code on it is a choice, and I suppose he could have slowed down or sped up his time to match the coincidence. But can you pick your own marathon number? I guess I'm just trying to decide whether to be impressed by his dedication to a joke or by a tremendous series of coincidences.

2. Driving behind a truck with the same image on it you took with your phone


I don't know Belgium well enough to know how famous these buildings might be but imagine having this photo as your background then looking up and seeing a nearly identical photo on the truck in front of you.

3. This incredibly ironic fortune cookie


No, fortune, the job isn't well done but I appreciate you giving me the fortune without having to choke back that gross styrofoam cookie.

4. This majestic creature is feeling... a little horse


This one seems like blatant photoshop but there are enough pictures of this particular horse out there that we feel pretty confident that it's real.

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