20 Costumes That Aren't As Sexy As They Think

She's one in a Minion.

Every Halloween you hear the same old complaints about people just looking for an excuse to dress "slutty". By and large, I think those people are boring and need a new hobby. But then again, while working on another article I couldn't help but notice that there are some "sexy" costumes out there that really stretch the meaning of the word.

These are all real costumes available from online lingerie and costume retailer Yandy.com. And, just in case you end up agreeing that these are the hot costumes of this season, we've included links to the products in the captions.

1. Sexy scary clown


I get it, the scary clown thing is all the rage right now with IT tearing up the box office. But clowns are inherently unsexy, doubly so for scary clowns.

2. Sexy Denny's waitress


Now, I'm not saying that attractive people can't work at Denny's but somehow when I think of someone pouring coffee and serving eggs to truckers at 2 am, this isn't what I have in mind. That being said, this costume gets a pass for its ridiculous name "Grand Slam Thank You Ma'am."

3. Sexy zombie schoolgirl


I don't want to get too far into it but there's something inherently creepy about the whole schoolgirl fetish in the first place. But putting that aside, how does it maintain any kind of sex appeal when the schoolgirl is dead?

4. Sexy Nemo


I felt a lot of things watching Finding Nemo but getting horned up looking at the titular clownfish wasn't one of them.

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