19 Things That Look Just Like Other Things

Welcome to uncanny valley.

The first thing your brain tries to do when it sees an image is try to make it fit with an image you already remember. That doesn't matter one bit with these pictures because they're too similar to ignore.

1. When you realize that Jack White looks like Michael Cera in a Johnny Depp costume

reddit / Twitter/ Dogs and Doubles

Well now we can never unsee that image and Tim Burton just bought all the music rights to The White Stripes.

2. This gorilla has had enough of your excuses, Parker


It's not quite clear why he's got such a beef against Spider-man but he'll damned well do everything in his power to make sure that masked maniac is seen for the criminal he is.

3. This banana that looks like a dog


Reincarnation can be a real bitch sometimes.

4. This guy's grandparents look like Hugh Hefner and Taylor Swift


Unlike the song would suggest, he seems to come from good blood.

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