18 Stupidest Things Ever Found In Cosmo

Some top level journalism out there.

We're all familiar with the Cosmopolitan magazine. It's a printed (!) compendium of useless knowledge for women about how to love yourself while hating yourself while being very torn about how to properly give blowjobs. In a nutshell.

In the age of the Internet, Cosmopolitan manages to say some of the stupidest things out there. We gotta acknowledge that. It ain't easy. Here are some of the more outrageous statements they shared.

1. Sharing personal stories


I bet this is some sort of feminist statement that I just don't get.

2. This is how you add extra dimensions


I feel so multidimensional right now, as if I just have been sucked up by a wormhole.

3. Because we know that Cosmo is the authority on parenting


Turns out that they can give you useful tips about donuts AND tell you how to raise your children.

4. Forking


I'm gonna stick to spooning, thanks though.

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