18 Ridiculous and Wild Pics From Around The Net

It's like a greatest hits of the web.

Welcome to another random gallery of images that are going to blow your mindhole wide open. Or, if I'm being more realistic, I'll get a smirk from you.

1. They asked him to be the flower man at their wedding

Erin Moore Photography

I hope if I'm ever asked to do something like this, I do it as well as this guy is.

2. Let's focus on what really matters


Hygiene is no joke.

3. He always wondered why the sleeves were black


Now I'm not sure what he's supposed to do? Do they fight? Do they move in together? Do they fuse into one person?

4. There's no safe way to hold a mannequin on a subway


If you try to lay the mannequin down, you're literally manspreading. You can't win!

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