18 Of The Most Ridiculous Laws In America In Photos

Take a trip down absurdity lane with us.

Laws help us establish an orderly society. But as time goes by, and unusual circumstances occur, weird laws that you could never imagine begin to pile up. Of course, judges and lawyers often have a tough time enforcing some of the more outdated laws but that's not to say they aren't still hilarious or just plain weird.

Artist Olivia Ocher decided to create a photo series depicting some of the more outlandish laws on the books in the USA. Depending on which state you're in, it's illegal for kids to have weird haircuts, or for men to kiss women with mustaches. If you're up for a spin down absurdity lane then check out the photo series courtesy of Miss Ocher.

1. Kids are forbidden by law from having unusual haircuts in Texas

Olivia Ocher

2. If a pickle bounces in Connecticut it cannot be officially called a pickle

Olivia Ocher

3. In Alaska, no one is allowed to drive a vehicle when three people are in the front seat

Olivia Ocher

4. In Indiana, it's against the law for men to get aroused while in public

Olivia Ocher

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