18 Foods That Will Give You Indigestion Just From Looking

Bring on that Pepto.

It's good to be inventive with your food pallet, but you have to pace yourself. You can't just take 90% of a great dish and toss something random on it and call it art. That looks to be the case with a lot of these combinations, unfortunately.

1. Most of this sounds good


Waffles, strawberries, melon, and cream sound great together. It's the dollop of tuna that needs to go home.

2. Cookies, ketchup, and rice?


Rice and ketchup are alright because rice can be pretty bland. However, adding cookies is just not cool.

3. Don't mix dessert with dinner people!


Not only is this a sorry excuse for a steak, but adding jelly beans just doesn't make sense. Oh, and it's drowning in alfredo sauce can't forget that.

4. Nailing the wacky dorm friend persona


Seriously though, never try and stuff a whole day's worth of meals into one plate. Fruit Loops shouldn't even know what rice and beans look like.

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