18 Cosplays You Won't Know How To Feel About

Is it still winning if nobody wants to look at you?

As cosplay becomes more and more mainstream, we're equally sure to see more and more people push the boundaries of the form. In the pictures below, you're going to see costumes that you won't be sure how to feel about.

1. Pedo-Jar

Felix Wong via reddit

It's risky enough to dress up as the Internet's mascot for jailbeat, Pedobear. Putting on a Jared costume on top is equal parts topical (at the time) and troubling. The fact that the costume makes for a handy pun is just the icing on the cake.

2. How much of this is on purpose?


I'll be the first to admit to being a judgmental prick about this. I saw the stain on his sweatshirt and assumed that he built the costume around that. Good for this guy, though, for owning his body and making it work for him.

3. This weird Ninja Turtles / Breaking Bad crossover


My favorite thing about this picture is the little girl in the background who is going to have a LOT of questions for her parents on the ride home.

4. Mis(ter)ty


Of all the ways to show off your impressive physique, dressing as a 10-year old anime girl in a crop top isn't the first thing that comes to most peoples' minds.

Up next: Owning your disability. And also boobs.

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