17 Self-Proclaimed "Nice Guys" Who Are Anything But

You'll need a manual to keep up with their game.

In case it wasn't clear, the title to this article is incredibly sarcastic. The following guys are all setting a new standard for toxic masculinity. Whether you're looking at these as a way not to act or for validation that you're not the only one out there hearing this kind of garbage, hopefully some good can come from shining the sunlight on this fungus.

1. Let's just shoot ourselves in the leg before we start looking


Imagine putting this out into the world and thinking that you might actually get a response. He's just lining up the excuses to make himself feel better before he even gives it a shot

2. There's such a thing as too much honesty


This is a perfect example of "honesty" not meaning offering up personal information that people don't want to know.

3. Get yourself a guy who listens to you


Even if that means listening to you closely enough to memorize your phone number when you give it to someone else.

4. Or how about a guy who bakes?


I think it's clear that he knew he did wrong with the extra little presents when he didn't mention them in the original post. And seeing him tagging her blow up in his face is just too good.

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