17 People Whose Online Orders Didn't Quite Pan Out

In this world of convenience, it's nice to know things can still go horribly wrong.

Ordering online has changed the way we shop. Speaking personally, I feel much less inclined to stab a stranger in the neck at the mall when I don't have to leave my house. The people in this article put their faith in online commerce and ended up falling short.

1. When you buy a kids' armchair by mistake


Well there goes $86 down the tube.

2. Tried to order some vitamins, instead got these


That's a lot of finger traps. Why would you possibly need to be buying them in bulk? People are going to stop trusting you very quickly.

3. When you try to save $5 buying a swing


Little tykes indeed.

4. This little light of mine


Kudos to the buyer for trying to co-ordinate their lamp with their cell phone case, though.

5. Self-described white girl ordered tanning stickers and yoga pants


When that kid gets tanning stickers instead of Dance & Shout Mickey, their life is going to take a turn.

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