17 People Who Put Too Much Trust In Photoshop

Lets chill on the warp and liquify tool here everyone.

Photoshop is a great software for manipulating photos to make them look better. However, it takes some skill to actually do it well. Some people take advantage of the software's many functions to do some pretty ridiculous things. You'll see big muscles, smaller waists, and girls that are clearly out of the guys league run rampant throughout this article.

1. Everything about this photo


He was digging the way he looked in his sunglasses, but he hated the background it had originally. So he put himself on the beach. When that wasn't enough, he added some girls that he thought were cute.

2. When you don't want the world to know


This guy loves his girl so much. However, it looks like there's one thing about her he doesn't want the world to know.

3. When your shadow doesn't match your body


She was tired of people commenting on other girls curves but not hers. So she tried to show hers off the best way she could.

4. She barely looks like a real person


Her lack of real human looks goes even further if you notice the embelishment on her chest.

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