17 Images That'll Make You Do A Double Take

Wait, what?

10. This invisible cat


I'm struggling to believe that this actually exists.

11. A dress that transforms you into a Bobblehead at night


Seriously, she looks like a Canadian from South Park.

12. It's like M.C. Escher in the real world


In case this one's giving you trouble, the basket is out but is covering up the arm.

13. The future of virtual reality


Anyone who doesn't use virtual reality to give themselves flippers is, frankly, doing it wrong.

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14. Git along little dogie!


Seems strange to ride her onto a boat but who am I do judge the actions of a champeen rider like that.

15. Self-conscious girl or...?


Nah, just getting her lean on while she gets her jean on.

16. Whoa there, buddy!


I thought things were about to get a little un-PG there for a moment.

17. One big hole...


... happy family.

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