17 Images That'll Make You Do A Double Take

Wait, what?

There's nothing quite like the simple pleasure of an optical illusion: so here's a bunch for you!

1. Cannonbaaaaaaall!


You're telling me you don't normally carry around your boyfriend in the fetal position? Oh wait.

2. Kevin Durant's new haircut


Now he looks like Matthew Modine from Stranger Things.

3. And no messy clean-up


I don't want to think about the biology of this one any more than I have to.

4. That gorilla's got style


Maybe a dumb question but why would you lean up against a gorilla to take a selfie? Wouldn't you want it in the picture?

5. This relationship is moving at a breakneck pace


He looks great in those jeans, though. Also, water your flowers. They're looking pretty sad.

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