16 Of The Worst Kinds Of People To Meet On Tinder

It's enough to make you wonder if it's worth it.

Once you been on dating apps like Tinder for awhile, you start to notice that people fall into certain types. Being able to recognize a type from awhile away can be valuable in helping you save time while you're cruising but it's still frustrating to have to weed through so much left swiping before you find a good match.

1. She needs to stay after class for extra help


And am I wrong or is she throwing a bit of shade in her response too? Or is she not talking about him?

2. When you're the only one who gets how puns work


I Steven believe that conversation went as long as it did.

3. People who do this don't deserve Tinder


This one's actually dicey enough that my BS filters are going off.

4. Yeah, that's clearly the point of the photo


Is she a cheerleader? Is she a football player? Is she a fan? Is she a stadium? Swipe right to find out!

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