16 Worst Hairstyle Choices Of All Time

For the most part, we all have hair. That may seem like a dumb statement but how we choose to deal with the hair we've been given can say a lot about a person. In these people's case, it doesn't say anything good.

1. What is even happening here?


How much does that thing weigh? She must be having some serious neck problems.

2. When your head hair really wants to meet your back hair


The worst part, for me, is that it's just on the left side. I'm guessing he's left-handed and shaves what he can reach around his neck but doesn't realize he's missing a strip.

3. When dreadlocks are too mainstream


So you just make your hair into a hat. I think I might barf.

4. Just comb it over, no one will notice


Because sometimes you just really want to look like a stereotypical network executive from a sitcom from the 70's.

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