16 Of The Worst Eyebrows Of All Time

Oh honey, no.

At any given time, there's a technique or aspect of make-up that gtes all the attention. These days, eyebrows seem to be what everyone wants to talk about. Some of the techniques on Instagram are flawless but seeing eyebrows hit their peak also means that bad eyebrows seem worse than ever.

1. For when you're tired of asking people to repeat themselves


With this look, people will just assume you're confused and will explain things three times without you saying a word.

2. Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?


Give off a quizzical look every second of the day by using this uneven technique.

3. I call this cave troll chic


If The Hulk knew how to contour, this is probably how he'd look.

4. I'm good, thanks


Amazingly, this picture is reportedly from a Maybelline ad. I guarantee you she's not "born with it."

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