16 Women Failing Miserably At Being Sexy

Wanna see?

These girls need some schooling in the sexy department. Although some of them look like they just couldn't care less, I don't think that this is a great approach to presenting yourself on social media. The internet doesn't forget, and it has a very little compassion.

1. Stuffing your boobs and sitting on a toilet


What you do in the bathroom with your girlfriends should stay in the bathroom with your girlfriends.

2. Total fail at a festival


If you've ever been to a festival then you know how gross these can get. My stomach is turning just looking at this. Why would you put on a cute bikini and then do something like this? Might as well wear a used garbage bag. It still would be cleaner.

3. Just posting a cute picture with the mountains in the back, when suddenly


I wonder how she didn't see that before she posted the picture.

4. When you try a sexy pose but your kid is in time out


I don't think he's having that much fun.

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