16 Unforgettably Terrible Hairstyles

More like unforgivable.

Most of us have had a haircut or two that haven't turned out the way we wanted. It happens. But then there's the kind of haircut that really makes you wonder what the hell went wrong. Did the person lose a bet? Was the stylist out for some kind of revenge? We may never know the whole story to these 16 atrocities but what we can do is sit back and laugh.

1. Is there even any hair here to start with?


Most of this appears to be filled in with a felt-tip marker but what I cannot figure out is whether there was a natural start somewhere or if it's just all sharpie.

2. Ah, now that looks better


I'm not sure what's worse - the bowl cut or the pale blue color that looks like a blue raspberry slushie you've almost sucked all the syrup out of.

3. Great, now I'm hungry


For when you want to go for that "I just got run over by a car" kind of look.

4. What do you even call this?


One heroic commenter suggested that this hairstyle, at least when on a red-headed person should be called "Pippi Wrongstocking."

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