16 Truly Shameless Individuals

Being shameless doesn't mean you're blameless.

For most of us, shame holds us back from doing petty or even monstrous things. We understand that there are standards of decency in place to keep this whole project of humanity on a common path. But there are always people who decide that being shameless is a lifehack to getting what you want. These are their stories.

1. Anyone who throws garbage into donation centers has a place waiting for them in hell.


But the even worse sin they've committed was eating a Cinnabon and not even thinking about sharing it with me.

2. When you've got brand loyalty but you're not sure how to show it.


This person appears to be in a military so I thank them for their service, but I cannot thank them for their taste level.

3. How to make your neighbors uncomfortable.


The tricky thing is that anyone who complains about your decal has to admit that they know what it is, so they end up a bit stuck in their outrage.

4. Speaking of car stickers no one needed.


Of all of the political protests I've seen, this one is the only one to make me gag. Pun absolutely intended.

5. When you take a selfie, you're usually looking to show off your face, not your infestation.


In case you missed it, there's a cockroach just under the mirror.

6. What a way to announce your pregnancy.


It's a little known fact but every time a meme gets posted celebrating unsafe sex, an angel gets pregnant.

7. Not sure how to dress your one-year-old? Try one of these classy shirts on for size.


The real brilliance of the shirt is that if someone tries to tell her off for dressing her kid in it, she can just point to the shirt to end the conversation.

8. When restaurants take Health & Safety as a suggestion.


To be fair, I'm the kind of idiot who would take this sign as a challenge and then end up with giardia or something.

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