16 Tinder Profiles That Don't Mess Around

Finally, some profiles that cut through all the bs.

Who has time to waste on people with cryptic profile descriptions? Nobody, that's who! If you're looking for someone who puts it all out on the table look no further. Number 12 might be a party girl now, but she'll be a keeper in a few years... Maybe.

1. She'll make a few guys happy for sure


But has she perfected being a great girlfriend and treating a guy right? That's the real question.

2. She loves tall guys that are in shape


Despite only being 4'11", she really doesn't like short guys. She also doesn't like fat slobs with facial hair. She must be a lot of fun at parties.

3. This redneck


Daniel might be your typical redneck, but unlike other rednecks, he prefers black girls. He says he won't be there to give you the emotional love you need, but he'll make up for that by spoiling you. So if that's your thing, swipe right on this man.

4. This sex machine

Meme Collection

You wouldn't know it by his face, but Lloyd is quite the man in bed. According to his dead ex-wife at least. Is he the man of your dreams? Or is he the guy chasing you in your nightmares? You decide.

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