16 Times Reality Slapped You In The Face

You never look as good as you think you do.

We like to build up pictures of ourselves in our minds especially when dating. Often, what we're feeling on the inside doesn't quite match the story we're telling ourselves in our heads. There's a reason your Instagram or Tinder dating pictures look so much better than any photo other people take. You honestly just don't look like that.

The following are some of those moments where you think you're at your best but you're really just looking like a turd.

1. When you're biting your lip


There are worse fates than looking like Andy Samberg but even he would tell you that this isn't him at his best.

2. When you try to rock a manbun


There are few hairstyles more controversial than the manbun/topknot/etc. There are those who love a good manbun and then there are wrong people. The problem is, it's incredibly easy to fall short, with a loose bun or patchy facial hair.

3. Wearing a bowtie


Fashion is so much more complicated than it looks. It's not just a matter of taking something that looks good on a billboard and slapping it onto yourself.

4. Rockin' a 'stache

Tastefully Offensive

I too know the pangs of a failed mustache. Every year or so, denial sets in and I convince myself that I can grow one.

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