16 Sunburns That Will Burn Your Eyes

Someone get these people some lotion!

Sunburns are one of the worst things ever. Most of us crave the sun and the warm weather. Unfortunately, we have to deal with what the sun can do to our skin. Sometimes suntan lotion (sunscreen or sunblock) isn't enough. If you're someone who neglects the lotion, this article will make you think twice, especially one on the last page.

1. It doesn't have to be a really hot day


This girl learned the hard way, that even when it's cloudy you can still get burnt.

2. That peeling sensation


It's one of the grossest parts of getting a burn, but there's something satisfying about peeling your skin.

3. When your fair skinned


This is what all people with fair skin struggle with. At least, in this case, she gets a cool bathing suit tan line tattoo.

4. He's their new spokesmodel


This brand partnership is brought to you by the sun. He's not really affiliated with the company, but he bares an uncanny resemblance to their packaging.

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