16 Signs That Made Game Day That Much Better

The fans are as big of a part of the game as the players.

Fans are just as much a part of the game as the players and if we're being honest, it can be boring just sitting there the whole game. What better way to have fun than to make funny signs. Some are tamer than others. While some go straight for the throat or are barely fit to be seen on TV.

1. This fan wasn't too happy with Tom Brady


Brady blew up the internet as a part of "Deflategate", a huge story that accused him of using slightly deflated balls in a playoff game.

2. You go girl!


This girl is really showing it to her ex. She won this breakup hands down.

3. Savage burn by this fan


There are so many insults you can make towards refs. This fan kills me with this sign.

4. This mom doesn't mess around


Her buzz isn't just for the excitement of the game. The two beside her, however, look like they could use a cold one.

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